Heckman Construction and Contracting INC. is a full service Snow and Ice removal company specializing in commercial and industrial applications. Contracts are available for hourly, per event, or seasonal requirements. We have the necessary experience and equipment to ensure a safe property at all times for both customers and clients. We also offer many options both for snow and ice removal to ensure a safe environment with keeping economics in mind. Here at Heckman Construction and Contracting we deal directly with the customers and not the management company's. This ensures customers satisfaction through direct and constant contact, more economical prices, business relationships built on long term ethics, quality and dependability. We got you uncovered! Call today to arrange a meeting to ensure your safety for years to come. 570-574-4618

- bulk rock salt application         -plow trucks

-treated rock salt application     -dump trucks

-liquid de icing                             -wheel loaders

-liquid calcium                             -backhoes

-anti skid                                       -skid loaders